Classroom-Based Programs

Safety Education:

SRBX Safety Services presents over 50 sessions throughout the year, offering nearly 1,000 construction employees training in a dependable, concise, no-nonsense formats. SRBX encourages its member contractors to take advantage of this heavily discounted safety training program to ensure compliance and safety in their own operation.

SRBX Safety Services draws on years of professional safety experience from its consultants and instructors. Workshops offered are only a fraction of the training available, customizable to each individual company need for compliance. SRBX offers safety education training sessions throughout the year.  These classes cover a wide range of topics and are designed to equip our members to bid, build, and thrive.  Below are a list of our business education tracks.

Safety Tracks:

  • Construction Compliance Certifications
  • Construction Safety
  • Construction Management Safety

Business Education:

SRBX offers business development education training sessions which cover a wide range of topics and are designed to equip our members to bid, build, and thrive.  Below are a list of our business education tracks. 

Business Tracks:

  • Prevailing Wage
  • Construction Collections
  • Understanding & Negotiating Construction Contracts
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Estimation

Online Education

Through our partnership with ClickSafety, our members can receive significant discounts to take online safety education trainings.  To learn more: Click Here

SRBX Statewide Safety Expo

Occupational health and safety has been and continues to be a challenging aspect for businesses of all sizes and industries. With progressive changes from both Federal and California OSHA, coupled with economic variables, employers are challenged with compliance while maintaining a competitive business advantage.  Training is one key area that cannot be compromised even in difficult times.

The Safety Expo will help your company cut costs while preventing injuries on the shop floor, as well as the construction site, through synergistic training involving aspects of general and construction industries. The Safety Expo is recognized for their commitment to safety, and they owe that to the importance they place on developing people through training. Developing employees at all levels that are competent in safety (meaning those that possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to perform safely consistently) is critical to any operation.

The Safety Expo will provide opportunities to develop safety competencies through seminars, workshops, and visiting with vendors. Employees who attend will be able to bring back new innovations and more economical ways to keep employees and their families safe. This new knowledge can also help your company stay in the forefront of safety initiatives. The Safety Expo is a unique experience because of the ability to meet the safety training needs of both general and construction industries. To learn more: Click Here


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