The Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange produces a wide range of publications to provide you with news, statistics, and resources to bid, build and thrive. Whether you are researching projects to bid, information on the latest regulations that impact you business, or information regarding education and networking, the Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange can help you.

We have daily publications, such as the AM Update and Morning News that allow you to see the latest information at the beginning of your day. We have weekly publications the provide vital business statistics and useful information regarding the construction industry. We wlso have our bi-monthly and quarterly publications that give you the latest information regarding Exchange programs and services. We give you options and all the best information available to help you succeed.

Many of our publications are email-based, and ask you to sign up to recieve them. We do this so that you can control the amount of information you get and have to process. We work to give you control of your membership, and the amount of contact that is right for you. We provide information via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, so look for us online. You will never be out of the loop!

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