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Online Planroom
View, print and download the entire collection of SRBX plans and spec books, or only the sections you need, from the comfort of your own home or office, 24 hours a day! Additional access to builders’ exchanges across the state is also available from the SRBX Online Plan Room. Simply join SRBX at the General Membership level to gain access (an additional fee does apply).

Physical Planrooms

Find plans and specifications for all projects listed in the Newsletter in our physical plan room, located at the SRBX Main Office, downtown Sacramento. Plan room hours of operation are 7am to 5pm. Review plans during regular office hours, or check them out overnight and on weekends. Take-off booths are available.


Jobs Bidding
Published weekly in the SRBX Weekly e-Bulletin Newsletter, Jobs Bidding provides reference information on jobs that are currently bidding in the planroom. Projects are listed by date, include a description and a planroom reference number.

Planroom Plan Listing
Published weekly in the SRBX Weekly e-Bulletin Newsletter, Planroom Plan Listing provides a sortable database of projects that are in the planroom. This is a quick reference that allows you to sort by multiple data points.

Bid Results
Published weekly in the SRBX Weekly e-Bulletin Newsletter, Bid Results is a key resource for suppliers and other construction services providers. The publication includes a listing of the top three bidders for each project.

AM Report
The AM report is a daily publication which includes relevant information on all projects entered into our planroom database to prior day. Additionally the update includes: daily addenda (changes to projects and bid dates) items, a list of projects that will be bidding in our planroom the following day, and a daily plan holders list. Additional fee does apply.

Market Research

Legal Notices
Published weekly in the SRBX Weekly e-Bulletin Newsletter, Legal Notices provides your company with the information you need to make prudent business decisions. The publication includes information on: mechanics liens, tax liens, notices of completion, and judgments.

A/E Lead Source
The A/E Lead Source provides design firms with information on RFP’s and RFQ’s that are being sought in the greater Sacramento region and Northern California. The A/E Lead Source is a weekly e-mail with links. Our goal is to provide you with a proficient tool for business development.

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